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Picking the right radio

Communications is Key

One of the most crucial aspects to SAFE, Fun, and fluid off-roading is CLEAR and EASY communications.  Over the last few years CDJW has worked hard to keep these standards high.  We've worked to obtain private radio frequencies from the FCC.  The benefits of using private frequencies over those offered by CB Radio are hard to ignore.  The private frequencies offer higher power transmit options (for greater range), more reliable hardware (for more reliable communications), and the opportunity to standardize the hardware we used to keep variables to a minimum.  The only down side to this transition is that you will no longer be able to use your CB on CDJW trails.  CDJW is working with other Jeep and off-roading clubs up and down the eastern seaboard to help them make the transition as well.  This is the way of the future.

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Select a radio Type

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Hand Held Radios

Hand held radios offer the option of taking the radio with you when you step out of your Jeep.  This can be very helpful when you need to communicate with the team outside of your ride.  These radios can also be upgraded (Better batteries, better antennas, external antennas, etc) to help them perform better.



Hard Mounted/Fixed Radio

Hard mounted radios typically offer greater reach, run off your Jeeps battery, and are always ready to go.  These are a great option for someone that always wants to be ready for what the trail has for them.

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