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Monthly Meeting Minutes

On this page you will be able to find the meeting minutes from our prior meetings.  We recently updated our page and lost some of the documentation that was here, Were working to get it back soon.  Stay tuned!

Meeting Minutes 

Every month we have a membership meeting that members and non members alike are invited to join.  We keep track of what is gone over at each meeting via meeting minutes.  


Jan Meeting Minutes
Feb  (Pending)
March (Pending)
April  (Pending)
May  (Pending)
June  (Pending)
July  (Pending)
Aug  (Pending)
Sept  (Pending)
Oct  (Pending)
Nov  (Pending)
Dec  (Pending)



Jan Meeting Minutes
Feb Meeting Minutes
March  (NA)
April  (NA)
May  (NA)
June Meeting Minutes
July Meeting Minutes
Aug  (NA)
Sept  (NA)
Oct  (NA)
Nov  (NA)
Dec  (NA)

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