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Step 2 of 3- Choosing a Hand Held Radio

There are many different types of radios available that will "work" with the frequencies that CDJW has gotten permission to use.  To help keep variables and confusion to a minimum we have done some research to provide our members with some recommended options.  The radios will need to be programmed as well.  CDJW is working on some options to help members complete the necessary programming (how to videos, instructions, radio programming events, etc).  (HandHeld)

Hand Held Options & Upgrades:


General Use (recomended)

The Retevis RT1 is a great radio that gets the job done.  If you want a radio that comes with some good accessories, has a high water/dust resistance, paired with a great battery - this is the radio for you. 

Recommended Accessories:
- Misc. Accessories : Click here

- Externally mounted antenna: (two parts)

1. External Antenna :
2. Adapter : CLICK HERE

Note : Make sure you select the VHF model

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 12.08.39

Advanced Use
(For Advanced users)

This radio is only recommended if you're unable to get an RT1 (above) or you're a ham radio operator.  The RT1 has better range and recieve. If you have a need to program frequencies other than the private ones that CDJW uses, this is a good option. 



Note : For standard users that DON'T need the extra functionality we recommend sticking with the Retevis RT1.

Recommended Upgrades:
1. Upgraded antenna
2a. External Antenna Option 1 
2b. External Antenna Option 2
(2parts: Antenna, Adapter)
3. Extra/upgraded Battery (this upgrade also enables charging in your Jeep via USB)

STEP 3 : Programming Your Radio

Your radio will need to be programmed to use CDJW's private frequencies.  More info, step by step guides, videos, radio programming events with CDJW are all coming. 

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