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Step 3 : Programming your Retevis RT1

Programming your radio isnt very hard, but for some - it may be confusing.  Never fear - CDJW's got your back.  We're going to offer radio programming (for free) to our members on a regular basis.  Check out our events page or reach out to us on our contact form for more detail.

Lets make sure we have everything.

You will need a few things to successfully program your Retevis RT1 radio.  Below is a check list of the items you will need before you start.  There are a few steps here - but dont be intimidated, none of this is hard.  Just take your time and follow the steps.  If you cant figure it out - just reach out to us by the above links and we will help ya out!  :-) 

  1. A PC - This process will require you to have a PC running Windows 7 or newer with at least 1 USB port free on the back of your computer

  2. A Retevis RT1 (VHF not UHF) radio(When you purchased your radio, you should have selected the VHF model as outlined in our prior instructions.  2x check that you have a VHF model by removing the battery and looking for "Frequencies : VHF".  If you see that, you're good to go, if not - please contact the seller and exchange your radio.)

  3. A Programming Cable.  A programming cable is required to connect your radio to your computer for programming.  (Get a cable here)

  4. The Programming software. (Click here to download, unzip, and install the program)

  5. The Programming data file. (This file contains all the frequency data. Download here)
    (Download this file and save it to your desktop)  Once you've downloaded it, double click it to extract it to your desktop.  The file inside should be called "CDJW_RETEVIS_RT1_#.0.DAT".  We will need this file to program your radio, not the ZIP file you initially downlaoded.

Lets program your radio.

  1. Make sure your radio has a full charge.  If you're not sure if it does, put the radio on the charging cradle.  If the light on the cradle is GREEN, you're all set.  If its RED, you need to charge your radio.  Wait for the red light to change to green and then continue.  (Note : Some models the light will just go out when it's done charging.  A half hour to an hour charge should suffice for programming your radio)

  2. Setting up the cable.  With your computer on and without the radio plugged into the programming cable, plug the cable into the back of your computer.  Windows will take a few seconds to install/configure the drivers for the cable.  This step is important. 
    (If your computer is unable to find the driver for the cable you can manually download the drivers HERE, but make sure you UNPLUG the cable before installing these drivers)

  3. Getting the software ready. Above in step 4 - you should have downloaded the RT1 programming software.  If you have not already installed the software, please do so.  You should just have to 2x click the ZIP files from step 4, and then click the RT1.EXE file to install it on your computer.

  4. Connecting your radio to the PC.  Plug your cable into the computer.  Wait 30 seconds.  And then, on the RIGHT side of your radio, there is a flap that opens from the top - open that.  Take the other end of your cable and plug it into the two ports under the flap you just opened.  It only goes in ONE way, so DON'T force it.  Make sure once its plugged into the radio that its firmly connected.  Now power on the radio  (BE SURE NOT TO PRESS THE "PTT" button on the other side of the radio while your computer is connected to the radio.) and set the radio down on your desk.  

  5. Open the RT1 programming app you installed in step 3.  It should look something like:


Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 12.30.37

Click FILE, OPEN, and select the PROGRAMMING DAT file you downloaded and saved to your desktop earlier.  The name should be something like : CDJW_RETEVIS_RT1_1.0.dat.
If you have done this part successfully, the programming software should look something like: 


Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 12.37.30

Selecting your com port : In the programming software - select SETUP (from the top menu), COMMUNICATION PORT and you will be presented with a list of COM ports (Some computers may show a few available options, just select the 1st one (lowest number)).

Program the radio : Click PROGRAM (from the top menu) and then click "Write to radio", and then click OK (Don't enter a password).  If this completes successfully your radio is now programmed.  (If you get the error "Please check all connections and communication port settings" go to the step above and repeat it but select the NEXT numerical com port and repeat this step.  You may have to try this a few times if you have several listed until you find the right one) 

Whats next? : 

  1. Turn your radio off

  2. Unplug the radio from your computer

  3. Put your programing cable in a safe spot

  4. Close the programming software

  5. Please remember that these frequencies are for CDJW sanctioned trips only and that YOU and YOU ALONE are responsible for the use of this radio.  

  6. Sign your release form : 

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 1.52.13 PM.png

Get to know your radio:
(Click to enlarge)

If you had any issues, please click one of the two buttons at the top of this page to get in touch with us.  This is a new process and we will be working to make it as smooth as possible.

Retrevis Programming Instructions version 0.1

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