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Step 3 : Programming your Baofeng

Programming your radio isnt very hard, but for some - it may be confusing.  Never fear - CDJW's got your back.  We're going to offer radio programming (for free) to our members on a regular basis.  Check out our events page or reach out to us on our contact form for more detail.

Lets make sure we have everything.

You will need a few things to successfully program your Baofeng radio.  Below is a check list of the items you will need before you start.  There are a few steps here - but don't be intimidated, none of this is hard.  Just take your time and follow the steps.  If you cant figure it out - just reach out to us by the above links and we will help ya out!  :-) 

  1. A PC - This process will require you to have a PC running Windows 7 or newer with at least 1 USB port free on the back of your computer

  2. A Baofeng radio.  There are a few different Baofeng radios will use this same process.  Those radios are : the Baofeng UV-5X, UV-8X, and a few other Baofeng models.

  3. A Programming Cable.  A programming cable is required to connect your radio to your computer for programming.  
    - Cable for UV-5 Models : Amazon Purchase Link 

    - Cable for UV-9 Models : Amazon Purchase Link 
    - Note : If you are not running Windows 10, you may need to install the driver for the programming cable.  Driver is HERE. Instructions for installing the driver are HERE

  4. The Programming software. Download the latest version of Chirp : Click here

  5. The Programming data file. This file contains all the frequency data, download the one that corresponds to your radios model.  (For example UV-5RTP will download the UV-5X file below while UV-9LMNOP will download the UV-9X file below)
    - UV-9X models : Download here
    - UV-5X models : Download here

  6. (Download The file above and save it to your desktop)  Once you've downloaded it, double click it to extract it to your desktop.  The file inside should be called "CDJW_XXX_Baofeng_MODEL.IMG".  We will need this file to program your radio, not the ZIP file you initially downloaded.

Lets program your radio.

  1. Make sure your radio has a full charge.  If you're not sure if it does, put the radio on the charging cradle and let it charge for an hour before starting to program your radio.

  2. Setting up the cable.  Plug the cable into your computer (without the radio plugged into the other end of the cable).  You should get a notification about Windows installing the driver for the cable.  If this fails or your not running Windows 10, you may need the Drivers for the cable outlined above.

  3. Getting the software ready. Above in step 4 - you should have downloaded the chirp.  If you have not already installed the software, please do so. 

  4. Connecting your radio to the PC.  Plug your cable into the computer.  Wait 30 seconds.  And then, on the RIGHT side of your radio, there is a flap that opens - open that.  Take the other end of your cable and plug it into the two ports under the flap you just opened.  It only goes in ONE way, so DON'T force it.  Make sure once its plugged into the radio and that it's firmly connected.  Now power on the radio  (BE SURE NOT TO PRESS THE "PTT" button on the other side of the radio while your computer is connected to the radio.) and set the radio down on your desk.  

  5. Open the Chirp programming app you installed in step 3.  It should look something like:


Click FILE, OPEN, and select the programming file you downloaded and saved to your desktop earlier.  The name should be something like : CDJW_XXX_Baofeng_MODEL.IMG.
If you have done this part successfully, the programming software should look something like: 


Program the radio : Click RADIO (from the top menu) and then click "upload to radio", you will be presented with a screen that says "PORT", "Vendor" and "Model";

- Port : For this, you have to select the COM port assigned to your radio.  You may have to try a few different COM ports.  Selecting the wrong one will not harm your Radio or Computer.  If it fails you will get an error along the lines of "Radio did not respond", just select a different com port and try again.

-Vendor : Should say Baofeng

-Model : Should say UV-5R or UV-9R depending on the model radio you have

Once you have that information set, click OK.  The screen will let you know when its done programming.

Whats next? : 

  1. Turn your radio off

  2. Unplug the radio from your computer

  3. Put your programing cable in a safe spot

  4. Close the programming software

  5. Please remember that these frequencies are for CDJW sanctioned trips only and that YOU and YOU ALONE are responsible for the use of this radio.  

  6. Sign your release form : 

Get to know your radio:
(Click to enlarge)

If you had any issues, please click one of the two buttons at the top of this page to get in touch with us.  This is a new process and we will be working to make it as smooth as possible.

Retrevis Programming Instructions version 0.1

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