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Want to help the club out with a donation?  CDJW is an official 501c3 organization and we've always got something in the hopper.  If you'd like to help offset some of CDJW's yearly operating expenses we would greatly appreciate the assistance.

Some of our regular reoccurring expenses this donation will help out with:

  • "Nice Ride" flyers.  We've recently designed new flyers and were saving up some cash to get more printed so we can invite more members.
  • Wix Hosting.  We use Wix to host this website, manage our events, reach out to members, etc.  There are a ton of features that we would like to use that we simply - cant afford.  Your donation will help bring these additional features within our grasp.  
  • 3rd Party Affiliations.  CDJW is a member of NOVA and NEA.  These organizations are key to helping grow the off-roading community.  This donation will help us maintain our membership in these organizations.
  • Marketing Material.  Occasionally the club has need for things like flyers, billboards, and other general marketing type materials to promote events, help with community efforts, etc. This donation will help in those efforts as well!

$100.00 Donation to

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