16Jun 2016

Were all excited to see where the Wrangler line goes in 2018, heres some more news for the addicts among us! “The next generation of the iconic off-roader will be the 2018 Jeep Wrangler “JL,” debuting in 2017 (for the 2018 model year), followed by a pickup. Buyers can expect eight-speed automatics and six-speed manuals, […]

14Sep 2015

Many people who are going to purchase the 2018 Jeep Wrangler don’t usually have to give much thought to what fuel economy the vehicle offers. However they might soon sit up and take notice with the introduction of the Corporation Average Fuel Economy Standards. When the 2018 jeep Wrangler comes onto the market it is […]

13Sep 2015

Well most of you know that were obsessed with Jeeps, but if I had a bottomless wallet – I would TOTALLLLLYYY have a JKU Pickup, well we may be able to get them soon!  Check these out! DETROIT — Jeep enthusiasts who have long clamored for a pickup may soon get their wish. Fiat Chrysler […]

17Apr 2015

It’s summer time! Yay Summer! You’ve bought a JEEP WRANGLER. A vehicle the comes with a Mopar warning label that says: “Handle with caution: Contains Awesomeness” It’s that time of year where you can show off to THAT guy. — you know the one… He’s that guy with the spray tan who greets you every morning […]

03Mar 2015

We spend many hours talking about the upgrades that go into our vehicles, and many more hours installing them. Without a blink of an eye we will tell our wives that we’ve sold a pair of tires (whether we actually have or not) just to ease her into the idea of dropping close to two-thousand […]

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09Dec 2013

Are you thinking about a mod over the winter? Put something on your rig that may be ‘questionable?’ Many of us (or at least I have, personally) have come across the question of whether or not what we’re doing to our rig is street legal. What we do to our rigs is likely more critical […]

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