03Mar 2015

We spend many hours talking about the upgrades that go into our vehicles, and many more hours installing them. Without a blink of an eye we will tell our wives that we’ve sold a pair of tires (whether we actually have or not) just to ease her into the idea of dropping close to two-thousand […]

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08Oct 2014

I don’t know about you guys, but Don and I have been going around with these lights for a  few months now..  Looks like JW Speaker has upped its game a bit here.. Introducing the best street-legal LED headlights the world has ever seen—the Model 8800 Evolution and the Model 8700 Evolution 2. These innovative […]

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20Nov 2013

I get asked this question on the regular, “What tires should I get?”, “What’s the best tire for XYZ?”.  While tires are generally the first thing people think about when they purchase a set of tires for their Jeep, there is a lot to take into consideration before making your purchase.  The following video has […]

09Feb 2013

Sean over at has been nice enough to sponsor with a 10% discount on all purchases ( Members Only). Quadratec is the number once source (in my opinion) for all things Jeep.  Hemi conversion info?  NO PROBLEM, New set of rims to fancy up your jeep? NO PROBLEM.  About Quadratec : Since 1990, […]

10Dec 2012

Very good tire review by Keith – Good info and methodology for determining the next set of tires you should get.. “Ive owned a few jeeps in my days and nothing makes a jeep stand out more than the tires you put on them. On my previous jeep, i had Hankook DynaPro AT/m’s @ 295/70/17 […]

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