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WELCOME TO CDJW - Were glad you found the site and we hope you enjoy the visit.  CDJW is a Jeep Wrangler club that operates in the Capital District of Albany NY.  Our club operates on the foundation of community and camaraderie brought together by the hobby of off-roading in our Jeep Wranglers.  Our members range from BRAND NEW Jeeps that just rolled off the lot to purpose built Jeeps that need to be towed to the trail.

New to off-roading? - We have a wide variety of Jeeps that attend our off-roading events and varying event classes allowing all levels of Jeep and Jeep owners to attend.  We schedule regular "Off-roading 101" to help you get acclimated to your Jeep and feel more comfortable in off-roading situations.

How do I join CDJW? - Capital District Jeep Wrangler has an open enrollment policy meaning that the only requirement is that you have a Jeep Wrangler.  To get involved right away you can do a few things:

  1. Join us on MEETUP.com - CDJW uses meetup to schedule and organize our events.  Once you sign up on meetup you will be notified about all future events.  Join meetup now, CLICK HERE.  We have monthly leadership meetings that we encourage our new members to attend at least once to get you involved in the club.
  2. Join the forums! The forums are a great way to get involved with your fellow members, you can talk about Jeep topics, ask questions about your ride, or talk about future/past meetups. Check out the forums now, CLICK HERE
  3. Follow us! CDJW has Facebook and Twitter to help you get your Jeep fix between meetups!  For Facebook, Click here.  For Twitter, Click here

 Our site is currently under construction, we will have more information soon!

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