Step 2 of 3 - Chose a Hard MountRadio

There are many different types of radios available that will "work" with the frequencies that CDJW has gotten permission to use.  To help keep variables and confusion to a minimum we have done some research to provide our members with some recommended options.  The radios will need to be programmed as well.  CDJW is working on some options to help members complete the necessary programming (how to videos, instructions, radio programming events, etc). 

Hard Mount  Options:

General Use (recomended)

The Anytone 778 is a great little radio thats easy to install, quick to setup, and reliable.  If your looking for a significant step up from a hand held radio, this is it.   

Don't forget the external antenna: 

External Antenna Link : CLICK HERE

CDJW is looking into more hard mount options.  Check back soon.

STEP 3 : Programming Your Radio

Your radio will need to be programmed to use CDJW's private frequencies.  More info, step by step guides, videos, radio programming events with CDJW are all coming.  Stay tuned for more info.

Member using a hard mounted radio