Looking to get your Jeep dirty?  WELL THIS IS THE TRIP FOR YOU!  We are headed to Mettowee again on Aug18th!  Mettowee is great for everyone, you can really make of it what you want.  If your looking to get stuck, you can do that..  If your looking for some technical uphill’s – you can do that.  If your looking to take it easy and just get use to your truck a bit – well, you can do that.  Long story short – this is going to be a great trip.

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06Oct 2012

          The September auto sales numbers are in and industry experts say as a whole, they’re on the rise. Toyota and Volkswagen each saw double-digit gains. General Motors saw a modest 1.5% increase. Ford saw sales slip slightly by 0.1%. Chrysler, sales rose nearly 12%. It was the best September for […]

27Sep 2012

A common issue with oversize tires on all Jeeps is wheel rub when turning.  A simple and effective way to reduce or even totally eliminate this issue is with tire spacers.  You can get cheap, free floating, hub ring reducing, “Maybe my tire will fall off” spacers from walmart or autozone in a pinch, but […]

12Sep 2012

Well, Chrysler has decided to release yet another Special Edition Wrangler and this time its a Moab version. Basically it starts as a Sahara and gets a bunch of goodies added to it. To read more about it check the forum link below! http://cdjw.org//forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=59

06Sep 2012

I am in the process of forming a board with positions that will help run CDJW.  This will help form a strong foundation for the group and help keep us organized.  The positions I have chosen so far are: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.   These will be the voting positions in the group. If […]

05Sep 2012

House Dems call on Chrysler to deal with Wrangler “Death Wobble” [w/video] If the adjective “death” was applied to any item, incident or location that had been involved in a single fatality, then we’d all be imbibing death drinks while driving death cars on death roads from our death jobs to our death homes to […]

05Sep 2012

Decision on a Jeep pickup coming soon, truck could come on Wrangler or Fiat platform! “Pretty soon.” That’s the answer Jeep president Mike Manley gave to Australian site Car Advice when asked about a decision on a Jeep pickup truck. And with the next-generartion Wrangler planned for arrival in 2015 or 2016, this is the […]

30Aug 2012

Found some interesting details on the NOT HAPPENING FOR A WHILE 2016 Jeep Wrangler…  No more live axels??? Really??? “The global head of Jeep has given the strongest indication yet that the brand’s iconic Wrangler off-roader will continue to use a body-on frame construction. Speaking with TMR, Jeep CEO Mike Manley said that off-road capability […]

30Aug 2012

I am in the process of trying out some new themes for the home page, please ignore any random changes for the next few days or so. 🙂

27Jun 2012

CDJW Site Under Maintenance I am in the process of switching the site over to a WordPress Install rather than a Joomla instance.  This is simply for ease of use and operations.  The forums and meetup page will NOT be effected so no need to panic!  The site should be all set in a few […]