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02Oct 2015

<img class=”aligncenter wp-image-198503 size-large” title=”Jeep Staff Car concept” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Jeep-Staff-Car-concept-placement-626×382.jpg” alt=”Jeep Staff Car concept” width=”626″ height=”382″ /> Every spring, Jeep rolls out a treasure basket’s worth of deliciously awesome concept cars at Chrysler headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan, before packing them up and shipping them to the annual Easter Jeep Safari off-roading bonanza in Moab, Utah. This year, […]

01Aug 2015

This is a question we get asked all the time, or “Whats the best lift for me?”.  This is a question with no real correct answer because of the differences between driver requirements and application.  Terraflex put together a great video to go over just this.

18Mar 2015 has released their list of the cheapest and most expensive vehicles to insure for 2015, with family models taking the lead for most cost-effective models to insure. read more below!

03Mar 2015

We spend many hours talking about the upgrades that go into our vehicles, and many more hours installing them. Without a blink of an eye we will tell our wives that we’ve sold a pair of tires (whether we actually have or not) just to ease her into the idea of dropping close to two-thousand […]

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08Oct 2014

I don’t know about you guys, but Don and I have been going around with these lights for a  few months now..  Looks like JW Speaker has upped its game a bit here.. Introducing the best street-legal LED headlights the world has ever seen—the Model 8800 Evolution and the Model 8700 Evolution 2. These innovative […]

09Dec 2013

Are you thinking about a mod over the winter? Put something on your rig that may be ‘questionable?’ Many of us (or at least I have, personally) have come across the question of whether or not what we’re doing to our rig is street legal. What we do to our rigs is likely more critical […]

28Nov 2013

This is a great time of the year to be thankfull for all we have.nbsp; And a great time to plan more offroading events 🙂 Happy thanksgiving from the CDJW.ORG crew!

27Sep 2013

Do you have photos of meetups that you’ve been on with CDJW? Maybe you even have a video! Perhaps you have an image of our fearless leader showing us how to safely get yourself unstuck from a hundred-yard field of clay at Mettowee offroad park while being winched out by another officer! –If you do, WE […]

14May 2013

This weekend we will be having a BBQ to help raise money for the APF! 100% of all proceeds will go to the APF! For more info, check out our meet up event    

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