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Many people who are going to purchase the 2018 Jeep Wrangler don’t usually have to give much thought to what fuel economy the vehicle offers. However they might soon sit up and take notice with the introduction of the Corporation Average Fuel Economy Standards. When the 2018 jeep Wrangler comes onto the market it is […]

Well most of you know that were obsessed with Jeeps, but if I had a bottomless wallet – I would TOTALLLLLYYY have a JKU Pickup, well we may be able to get them soon!  Check these out! DETROIT — Jeep enthusiasts who have long clamored for a pickup may soon get their wish. Fiat Chrysler […]

We all (or at least the people I like in life 😉  like the Brute Conversions, and other mods that take our Wranglers from a 2 or 4 door SUV to an AWESOME pickup truck!  Check out some of these OLDIE but GOODIES! Despite being one of the hottest-selling brands in America and parent company […]

This is a question we get asked all the time, or “Whats the best lift for me?”.  This is a question with no real correct answer because of the differences between driver requirements and application.  Terraflex put together a great video to go over just this.

We have all heard the rumors, the speculation, and some of the SCARY things that Jeep may or may not have in store for us with the new model Wranglers due out soon, here is some more fuel for the fire! Jeep is planning world domination of the SUV market over the next five years […]

It’s summer time! Yay Summer! You’ve bought a JEEP WRANGLER. A vehicle the comes with a Mopar warning label that says: “Handle with caution: Contains Awesomeness” It’s that time of year where you can show off to THAT guy. — you know the one… He’s that guy with the spray tan who greets you every morning […]

Rumors of GMC doing a Wrangler rival have been floating around for months. GM’s apparently just polled dealers about whether such a vehicle would sell, but nobody at the company will admit to new product plans. Others have tried and failed to beat Jeep at making Jeeps (Toyota, Suzuki) so what would GMC need to […]