AND a flux capacitor right!?  Well – we have all been hearing the rattling about a Diesel (Don’t get me started, cant wait..), 8 speed tranny, aluminum frame, raked look, etc.  Here is a little more to add to the rumor mill!

2017 Jeep Wrangler: FCEV Powertrain On The Cards?
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It was only a couple of months ago when Jeep teased that the future Wrangler is going to be economical. The decision was made in light of the new emission regulations being billed by the government and Jeep is pressured to comply with it.  The rumors claim that Jeep is going to take their first step in green emissions by blessing the next-gen Wrangler with diesel motors. Then, new reports surfaced claiming that the Wrangler is going to have a hybrid powertrain.  Well, both are unlikely to happen at all. This is because Jeep is never a fan of EV technologies. On top of that, Jeep’s parent company FCA is eyeing on developing the firm’s first ever hydrogen fuel-cell technology.  Hence, this strongly suggests that the Wrangler might be picking up on hydrogen fuel cell. The technology is tipped to be much better than pure EV and it will certainly make the Wrangler fuel efficient. Then again, can Jeep pull it off?

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