We spend many hours talking about the upgrades that go into our vehicles, and many more hours installing them. Without a blink of an eye we will tell our wives that we’ve sold a pair of tires (whether we actually have or not) just to ease her into the idea of dropping close to two-thousand dollars on an entirely new set of tires of the same size but of a different brand. We continually talk about the bigger lift to get us over the next rock, or through the next mud hole or over that next obstacle — safely. When we immanently get stuck in that mud, we purchased winches, snatch blocks, and tow straps to get our trucks out of that mud — safely. We have 101 classes held by our President and Vice President of CDJW on how to operate this equipment — safely. When we have cable winches, we purchase gloves to operate that winch — safely. We sometimes effectively hand our keys to a complete stranger just so we have a spotters out in front of our jeep to make it over that boulder because we cannot see, but they can — All in the name of being SAFE.


Speaking of sight — of all the five senses, sight accounts for close to 90% of a driver’s ability to react to oncoming hazards and dangerous road conditions. This being the case, it stands to reason that HEADLIGHTS are one of the most important (if not the most important) safety features on your vehicle. The more nighttime driving you do, the more valuable a good set of headlights will be to you.

In the past I’ve gotten a lot of: “Aw c’mon! Headlights??? you can buy better things with your money” when I mention this topic to certain CDJW Vice Presidents — their names are unimportant as they will be removed from their position in the not-too-distant future. 😉

None the less, there has yet to be a member of CDJW (to my knowledge) whose jeep is not their daily driver. Those two items on the front of your rig are responsible for the safety of you and your passengers; they are the two pieces that gets you home daily from work during a rain or snow storm and your family home safely late at night. Is it REALLY the part to skimp on? — It is no wonder that they’re required to function properly at time of our yearly inspection. If we spend ten miles off the road for every thousand we spend on the road, it’s been a fantastic wheeling season. In spite of this lopsided figure, arguably one of the most important parts on your rig is continually overlooked in favor of “toys.”

Any number of us have seen or read the news stories about the potentially deadly consequences of drivers falling asleep at the wheel.  Did you know that the type of headlights you use can affect your driving fatigue? There have been several studies regarding the circadian rhythm, or in layman’s terms: The body’s internal clock. More than a few of these studies have shown that our circadian rhythm is linked to the cycle of night and day, our brains interpret the color temperature of the light we’re exposed to at a particular time of day and then our brain subconsciously tells our bodies whether we should should be awake and alert or resting in attempt to sleep…

I’ll attempt to explore these phenomenons mentioned above while providing tangible, accurate, data that has been collected on leading headlight brands, while also centralizing this information from various sources. I hope this will educate you on what afterword should be a headlights purchase — the data is staggering. To paraphrase the masses along with their various colorful metaphors to describe stock jeep wrangler headlights as “not good.”

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